The Right Brewing Method for Tangerine Peel Tea

Step 1. Prepare the boiling water, teapot, snifter teacups/regular teacups, and a  spoon/wooden stick.

Step 2. Put the tangerine peel tea into the teapot. Pour in the hot water at the right temperatures. (Black: 100°C, Pu’er: 95-100°C, Oolong: 95 °C, White & yellow: 80°C, Green: 75°C)

Step 3. After adding hot water, then infuse for 1-2 mins until the tangerine shell starts to become soft.

Step 4. Break the tangerine shell open to let the tea leaves comes out so the tea leaves can be further infused to fully release its color.

Step 5. For the little tangerines tea, it requires longer steeping than the usual tea leaves: 4 mins in a gaiwan / 6 mins in a mug or large teapot. Since it takes more time for the water to penetrate the tea inside the fruit.

Step 6. However, it's worth waiting as the tangerine peel flavor wonderfully balances the earthy taste of Pu’er. Remember enjoy the tea’s aroma before taking a sip!

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