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1. Mugwort is a Chinese herbal plant, with plenty of different health benefits and effectiveness. The mugwort tea tastes slightly bitter, warm in nature, and low toxicity, it's commonly used for stimulating healthy and regular menstruation as a natural “tonic”. Besides it's effective for dispelling cold, relieving pain, dehumidifying, clearing damp-heat and boosting energy.

2. Insect poop tea indicated in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” by Li Shizhen, is a traditional drink for the ethnic minority in southwest China. Making from the feces of insects that feed on the plants (Litsea Coreana var. Lanuginosa) from Danshan Chishui and characterized by minimal dose, enjoyable tea flavor, few tea-residues, and superb transparency. It used to clear summer heat, protect the spleen and stomach, and facilitate digestion. Modern research has proved that insect tea is safe and nutritional, and it has blood lipid-lowering, antihypertensive and hypoglycemic effects.  

3. The Dian Hong tea derived from the wild ancient tea trees in the Yunnan forest of China over 2000 years old. It were exported to the UK via Hong Kong since 1939, then becoming a worldwile famous black tea. Mixed with the Xinjiang sea buckthorn, that contain abundant of vitamin B. Our Dian Hong tea is effective at strengthening the spleen and stomach, anti-inflammatory and improve constipation condition efficiently. 

4. The Fujian white peony tea from China, commonly-known as Pai Mu Tan or Bai Mu Dan, is the best white tea that known for its mild yet sweet taste. It's well-known as good for kidney health, liver support, immune support, lowering blood pressure and lipid, clearing heat, and detoxification. Moreover, it helps in maintaining healthy skin, as combat dullness, spots, and wrinkles caused by toxins.

5. Taoist Health's 7 ginseng flower tea contains seven kinds of ginseng and flowers. Since ginseng plants begin flowering in their fourth year, and every 30kg ginseng can only produce 37g ginseng flower. Also, it's picked difficultly as the flowering period is short as around 30 days, that's why the ginseng flower was renowned as extremely precious. With three times more nutritive value than ginseng, also three times more germanium elements than the Ganoderma, the  7 ginseng flower tea's extraordinary effects help for nourishing blood, tranquilizing the mind, and get our strength back.

6. Our "Mini Ban Zhang", the Yunnan pu'er ancient tree tea is harvested from the Naka Tea Village in Menghai County. The brewed Naka tea soup is clear bright, and taste mellow with an enduring sweet fragrance. It is effective at reducing body fat, loss weight, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and nourishing stomach-yin. 

7. The word "Tian Xiang" is taken from the Anhua Tianjian Dark Tea. The top grade of Hunan Dark Tea, Tianjian, Gongjian, and Shengjian, were selected to tribute to the emperors since the Tang Dynasty. Taoist Health's Tian Xiang Tea is rich in Eurotium cristatum, which also known as "Fu Tea". This type of tea is blended with our storage Hainan gold-rimmed nanmu agarwood leaves, aged for three years to enrich its taste and intensify its health benefits, the Tian Xiang Tea is very effective for improving insomnia.

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